Why remove popcorn ceiling?

All drywall experts know that popcorn ceilings, otherwise known as acoustic ceilings, are a thing of the past. Many real estate listings list "no popcorn ceilings" as a value to their property, indicating that it is no longer a popular choice among homeowners.

Many homeowners want a professional drywaller to change their popcorn ceiling for health reasons. If your home was built before 1979, it's possible that it has asbestos in it. Having an expert take care of this toxic material is best. Dust caused by its removal can be dangerous to inhale.

Following are a few reasons why we think you should get rid of your popcorn ceiling:

1. Difficult to maintain. Because the surface is so rough, it's nearly impossible to clean in case something accidentally is projected onto the surface of the ceiling.

2. Over time the extreme texture collects dust and small particles from things such as cooking, smoking, or a fireplace.

3. The ceiling can absorb odors over time and lead to a stuffy smell throughout your home.

4. Popcorn ceilings are very costly to paint, requiring special equipment to assure complete coverage.

We recommend a homeowner remove their popcorn ceiling to not only add value to their home, but to create a safer environment in which to live.

If you have a drywall contractor remove the popcorn ceiling, they will also replace it with a smooth, beautifully finished ceiling.

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