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Happy Holidays Everyone

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year to all our faithful visitors we truly appreciate your continued use of our website & the occasional click on an advert ;-)

All the best for 2017 from Dee & Garrett

January 2016

Happy New Year from Dee & Garrett

We hope 2016 will be a good year for everyone.

Thank you to all of our regular visitors, we appreciate your support, please tell your friends about us! 

We apologize for the interruptions in access to FH over the new year, we were moving servers & that part went as smooth as butter thanks to our awesome friend Steven in the UK. Unfortunately it also required moving the name to a new registrar & that encountered a few glitches. All is now fixed & running smoothly :-)

FreewareHome continues to bring you totally FREE software for Windows - enjoy!! 

Dumb & Dumber Authors!!!

In 17 years with FreewareHome I've seen a lot of strange things but recently the things authors do on their web pages leave me shaking my head & wondering what were they thinking! ;-)

We've already warned you to be careful downloading anything from anywhere because of what gets "included", well here's a way to see how ethical the site is. Icons proclaiming "Safe to Install", "Virus Free" "Safe Site"  etc. are awarded by trustworthy sites who have downloaded a program, installed it & reviewed it. They email the author with a link to the award & give him/her a link-back URL to use when posting the award on their site.  However, the logos shown here, & more like them, are constantly appearing with "NO LINK BACK!" That's unethical but read on, it gets worse...


MyWOT "Safe" Browsing Tool - NOT!

In the process of creating my blog entry about McAfee's Site Advisor I remembered another pet hate, MyWOT Safe Browsing Tool". Another of our long-time regular visitors alerted me to it a couple of years ago, I checked it out then & again now, I did not (& still don't!) like what I found :(

At that time it was red-flagging FH, now it is green BUT there are 23 comments: 15 bad; 5 good; 1 off topic. ALL of the bad ones reference a listing on "Malwaredomains" black list - that dates back to 2009 when our server got hacked & a trojan was uploaded for ONE DAY. We were told about it the same day, we cleaned up & installed more security then advised ALL of the black lists that we were on. I checked the malwaredomains current list, we are NOT on it! To find their report you have to check their inactive list!!!
To the best of my knowledge we are NOT on ANY CURRENT black lists.

This is what others say about MyWot....


Do you trust McAfee Site Advisor?!?

Do you trust McAfee Site Advisor?!?
I don't & never have trusted ANY of the "site advisor" services, the number of false positives they can throw up & the serious damage they can do to a legitimate site's reputation & business is scary. I wrote the following report in 2009, nothing has changed, if anything it is worse, so it bears repeating.

Site Advisor might have been a good idea in the first place when it was an independent free service but, like so many things, once it was taken over by a commercial company it became a gimmick that panders to their interests! In 09 Windows Secrets uncovered some disturbing information...