InstallSimple Review
By Garrett R. Hylltun
Copyright 2014 Garrett R. Hylltun. Please request permission to reprint

First let me state that I am a hobby programmer and not a professional programmer. I enjoy programming, I find it relaxing and I have fun and get a kick out of a completed project.... Provided I actually complete any projects! I suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder and large projects tend to end up in a holding directory while small projects can be accomplished before I get distracted or come up with another new fabulous idea that will storm the world!

So with that in mind, I chose my development tools wisely. I use programming languages that are easy for me to catch on, that allows me to get many projects done as quickly as possible and is either free or doesn't cost more than a night out on the town(which for me consists of Fast food and a DVD.. It's a wonder I’ve been married for 25 years). So the tools I use need to also follow those guidelines.

Second I would like to point out that I am by no way or means a professional writer! You may find spelling errors and or even grammatical errors throughout my scribblings here.

For this particular review, we will be reviewing an Install tool for packing up your completed program to upload to the world so they can download it and install it.

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