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Icecream apps - REMOVED

Removed all Icecream apps. They were either crippled or otherwise.


All SterJo Software - REMOVED

All SterJo software has been removed due to third party involvement in the installers. One or more of the programs may or may not come with a third party installer that will install other items not related to the program.


Bytessence Install Maker - REMOVED

Bytessence Install Maker website is currently gone.


Bytessence RegistryCleaner - REMOVED

Bytessence RegistryCleaner website is currently gone.


Andy Android Emulator - REMOVED

Andy Android Emulator was removed due to the installer containing third party software.


CyLog Software - REMOVED

Removed the following software by CyLog Software.  Web site is no longer available.

  • clZoom
  • WebBtnCreator
  • FillDisk
  • CyberShredder
  • WildRename
  • WildReplace
  • RGB-to-HSV
  • FolderIcons
  • ToolBox

Folder Security - REMOVED

The website for Folder Security is now gone. Listing removed.

Web site is back and entry reinstated.


uac-elevate REMOVED

Removed uac-elevate due to multiple virus/trojan warnings. Though it may not be infected, it might simply be the nature of the program which might be causing virus programs to report it as a virus. But to be on the safe side, removed from listings.

Thanks for the heads up.



Seems the author(s) of doPDF decided they wanted a little money for their efforts and started bundling third party junk with the doPDF install.

This ranks up there with things we do not accept, like sucking spinach through your nostrils.... It's just unacceptable!

False alarm! Third party software was not included. It was a component from their NovaPDF product for Office Integration.


Immersive Explorer - REMOVED

Removed Immersive Explorer because like every week or so it wants you to update and if you don't update, you can't use the version you have.... FREAKING ANNOYING!



Seems I dropped the ball on this one and didn't notice that their Windows version of XChat was not freeware after all. :-(

Thanks for the heads up, ~Garrett


Aero Glass for Windows 8 - REMOVED

Removed the program "Aero Glass for Windows 8" from our listings.  A user reported having problems with the program.  Further reading on the website for the program reveals that the program is for advanced users and manipulates a vital system file which is just too risky if you ask me.