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A Message for our faithful visitors:

FreewareHome is now 21 years old. We have seen many changes & developments over the years, some we have kept up with, some we have not! We are now at a cross roads: do we bow out gracefully or do we try to give Freeware Home new life?


Links open in new Tab/Window

From this day on all links in entries will open in either a new tab or a new window depending on your browser and your browser settings.  All previous entries here will be updated as well(give it a few weeks, I have to edit each entry individually).


Programs with third party program installs

If anyone comes across any programs listed here that have third party program installs with them and we do not have a note about it, please leave us a comment on the page for that program on our site.  I do not download and install every program we list, but I do periodically download and check them, so some may get by me with such unwanted third party installs.  Such programs are removed from our listings until I can further investigate them.  I do try to avoid such programs though.  Thanks to those who have already caught these on our site and thanks in advance to anyone who catches any in the future here.  

Contact FreewareHome


At this time, we have chosen not to use a conventional contact page for a number of reasons:

Emails get forgotten; rebuilding the site is still our priority; promotion sites use contact pages for irrelevant & annoying automated submissions. If you absolutely must email us use "Freeware Home at Gmail dot com" without the quotes or spaces & using the correct symbols for "at" & "dot".

We would prefer that you contact us using the comments section of this page but PLEASE follow the guidelines:-



Can anybody help with PHP coding?

We are trying to "fix" that ugly sidebar menu,  all of the CSS and JS are in place, what needs to be changed is where dotClear generates the HTML for the nav bar. It's not major it's around 10 lines of code & any help would be greatly appreciated ;-)


FreewareHome Update

We apologise to all our visitors for the lack of content on FreewareHome right now. Our server crash was a total disaster, it took all of our content pages, back-end programming, backups, everything! Theoretically some type of recovery should have been possible but.... ! In the end the best decision was to start over, however that takes time & a lot of hard work. Stay with us, we'll get there & FH will be better than ever.

Eugene (the founder & creator of FreewareHome) & I have been partners in FreewareHome for almost 16 years now & we've weathered a few storms together including the 01-02 dot com crashes when we nearly lost FH completely! However, this current disaster & the work required to rebuild FH, has caused us to re-evaluate our roles. Eugene has family & his full-time job to consider so he is handing over FH completely to me. Thanks for the 16 years Eugene, they were great, Dee Hughes

Obviously I cannot rebuild FreewareHome on my own, I need help! Garrett Hylltun has come back to work with me & the new-look FH is already taking shape. We hope to have content up over the weekend! Keep coming back, we need your support & we would be eternally grateful if you would turn off your ad blockers for FreewareHome, at least for now ;-)