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Noteslate - Tablet specifically for hand written notes

Years ago I ran across a startup that wanted to make a tablet specifically for writing notes by hand. They called it Noteslate. At that time I could have purchased one if they had one available, but they didn't since they were still in early development.

I don't know about any of you, but maybe some of you are like me and seriously could use something like this. It's not an Android tablet, you can't watch YouTube or Netflix on it, you can't SnapChat or FaceBook or Tweet, you simply take notes. But the degree of technology they put into it takes it beyond what you would think. Organize your notes, share your notes, draw, write, read and believe it or not, you can play text games.. I know, maybe it doesn't sound as thrilling as wasting half your day on Candy Crush or whatever the latest addiction is, but it sounds cool to me. The surface looks and feels like paper so you're not trying to adapt to it, you're already adapted to it if you've ever used a pencil and paper. A charge will last you about 3 weeks.

They'll be available in 3 sizes, one of which is now up for pre-order, it's the smallest one they will have called the Shiiro. I personally will not be getting one anytime soon simply because I can't afford such things these days(We're not getting rich off of FreewareHome you know). I'm not being paid to point this out to you nor do they even know I'm writing about this here. I simply wanted to share this because I was excited about it years ago and I still am and thought maybe some of you also might be interested. If you are, drop by their site and read about it.


Address/Contacts programs?

Does anyone have any recommendations for some good freeware Address/Contacts programs? I haven't found anything other than what I have listed so far and I know there has to be more out there somewhere.

Please leave a link or name of the program in the comments below, Thanks,


Taking a day off

I'm taking a day off today. Going to watch some Football(American) on TV, eat some Waffles with Maple Syrup and then later play some Video Games. See you all on Monday.



PC Failure - BRB

Yesterday(Saturday the 19th) my computer blew chunks(Sata HD, 500gb, gone! dead! RIP HD) and left me in the dark. I will not be posting any new programs to FreewareHome for a minimum of one day, two at most.

I pieced together another pc from all the old parts and computers from my pantry(Yes, I know, in the Pantry! Where else would a nerd keep his computer parts? Besides, why would my wife need the pantry?  She can't cook worth a [Bleeped out by the FCC]!) and need to install an OS to get me back up, plus toss over all my stuff from my last backup(luckily I backed up within the last week or so).


"TIME" for some additions to FH?

Would you say.... (tehe)... that it was "TIME"! for some new entries today?!

Is Garrett getting old?  Only (tehe)... "TIME"! will tell!!!!  ;-)

Ok, "TIME" to put the puns to rest.. Here's a nice group of clock and time related tools for your viewing pleasure.  I have a few more still waiting to be added, but will save those for another "TIME"... ooops, sorry, I said no more puns.  :-)


Otter Browser - Cloning the Opera Browser

If you haven't heard, the people behind the Opera Browser have ditched their long held Opera Browser which used their own rendering engine(Presto Engine) for Chromium's rendering engine(Blink Engine). When I say ditched, I mean that completely, as they didn't just switch rendering engines, they completely dumped everything that was the Opera Browser including the interface and all the features that it's strong and loyal user base had loved.

- Click this article to read the entire entry -

50 Years of Basic

This week in celebration of the Basic programming language's 50th anniversary I will be adding a few selections of Basic.



I am ill and cannot put any new app entries up today.....

Pffftt... LOL... hahaahahaha... I can't lie! It's Superbowl Sunday and I've been a Seahawks fan since they became an NFL team! Where do you think I'm going to be? IN FRONT OF THE TV yelling for my team! GO HAWKS!

I'll be back Monday :-)


I know what you're thinking....

I know... What's up with all the dev entries?  Hi, I'm Garrett and am I nerd!  Whut of it! :P  I gotz more where that stuff came from!  No, seriously, I have a ton of dev related bookmarks!  But that's enough for now.  I'll get more web dev stuff up soon and then get back on other sections as well.  I just kind of ran through my bookmarks in spurts of various sections.

Give me some time, I will get FreewareHome filled to capacity again.  :-)