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Calorie Counting

Program: Calorie Counting Version:N/A
Author: Mike Fletcher
Website: [ ]
Download: [ 380 Kb ]
Requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Description: Make your food choices from the provided lists. Meat/Poultry, Fruit/Vegetable, Bread/Dairy and Miscellaneous. Click on a food item to add the item's associated Calorie and Fat contents. The Calorie and Fat Counters will reflect the choices made. The default is 100 grams per Food Item. Every choice made is added to the Dietlist. In Dietlist view the user can click on items to Deselect or Modify them. These Deselections/Modifications will be reflected by the Calorie and Fat counters. The choices finally decided on can be Saved to Disk or printed out using Window's Notepad. Note that Saving to Disk will overwrite the previously saved Dietlist. If you wish to save different DietLists for different days perhaps then choose Save As from Notepad's File Menu and give the file an appropriate name. Modifying a Food item will Increase or Decrease the number of Grams and therefore the Calorie and Fat amounts.


Diets In Details

Program: Diets In Details Version:2.0
Author: Diets In Details
Website: [ ]
Download: [ 2.3 MB ]
Requirements: Windows XP/Vista/7/8.0
Description: DietsInDetails it is a free software which helps to lose weight. It contains calorie counter (more 50,000 food names). There is whole information about food, its calories, fat, minerals and so on. There are 10 items altogether. The interface is comfortable. It allows entering information about eaten foods easy. Quick searcher of food. You can also plan your calories inside according to certain diet. Charts helps to observe the dynamics of calorie inside and to see how change your weight day by day. There is also a dairy where you can write down your daily notes. DietsInDetails is a tool to lose and control your weight. Every diet will be more effective with DietsInDetails. The most of people who merely write down their food inside or plan it, can lose weight.