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Hiro Hiro › 14 May 2016,


I am writing to submit my freeware music application for your consideration:

Application name:
BeepComp - Chiptune Creator

Brief description:
Compose chiptunes easily with a simple text editor and export your songs to mp3 and WAV files.

The download link is at SourceForge:

I have a PAD file available:

Kind regards,

Garrett Garrett › 16 May 2016,

Greetings Hiro,

Thanks for visiting FreewareHome. I will drop by your site and take a look.

Best regards,

Marco Marco › 25 May 2016,

Hello. I'm the author of URLFilterService a brand new plugin extension for Microsoft Internet Explorer and Edge. It filters web pages like DANSGUARDIAN do. Works with http/https protocols. Thank you for your attention.


Garrett Garrett › 25 May 2016,

Greetings Marco,

I do apologize, but we do not generally list plugins for web browsers.

Thank you for visiting FreewareHome,

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