Things to Note @ FreewareHome:

    Download Links: 
    Almost all downloads are to the program's download page where there are usually multiple versions available such as 32bit, 64bit and or portable. There will be a few entries where we do directly link to the download file. If we link directly to the file it means there are no other download options available for that program or that the download will always contain the latest release of that program.

    When you are at a download page, please pay very careful attention to the downloads available. Many programs listed here have downloads for various other Operating Systems such as Linux, Mac and others. If you do not immediately see downloads for Windows, keep scrolling down the page until you find the proper download links for Windows.

    Links from FreewareHome: 
    All links to program's homepage or download will open in a new tab or a new window depending on your browser and your settings in your browser.

    Installing Downloaded Programs: 
    It is important that you pay close attention when you install anything. To ensure that you only install what you want to install, do not click to continue without reading the window content & always choose "custom install" if you are given that option.

    Reporting Broken Links: 
    If you find a broken link and would like to let us know of it, please leave a comment on the page of the entry that has the broken link. If you see that your comment has been removed it means that we read your comment and fixed the link. We thank you for helping us weed out any broken links that crop up.