We apologise to all our visitors for the lack of content on FreewareHome right now. Our server crash was a total disaster, it took all of our content pages, back-end programming, backups, everything! Theoretically some type of recovery should have been possible but.... ! In the end the best decision was to start over, however that takes time & a lot of hard work. Stay with us, we'll get there & FH will be better than ever.

Eugene (the founder & creator of FreewareHome) & I have been partners in FreewareHome for almost 16 years now & we've weathered a few storms together including the 01-02 dot com crashes when we nearly lost FH completely! However, this current disaster & the work required to rebuild FH, has caused us to re-evaluate our roles. Eugene has family & his full-time job to consider so he is handing over FH completely to me. Thanks for the 16 years Eugene, they were great, Dee Hughes

Obviously I cannot rebuild FreewareHome on my own, I need help! Garrett Hylltun has come back to work with me & the new-look FH is already taking shape. We hope to have content up over the weekend! Keep coming back, we need your support & we would be eternally grateful if you would turn off your ad blockers for FreewareHome, at least for now ;-)