SiteAdvisor ratings may be 1 year out-of-date! The free SiteAdvisor browser add-in claims to protect you by labeling Web sites green, yellow, or red to indicate that they are safe, questionable, or dangerous. But a good or bad SiteAdvisor rating can persist for as long as a year after the site's content has changed, raising serious questions about the service's usefulness.

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That was in 2009, since then many questionable program authors, especially from China & India,  have added the McAfee &/or eTrust "safe site" logos to their websites BUT they aren't always linked to either McAfee or eTrust & if they are linked the page that comes up usually says "we haven't reviewed this site yet".

Also, one of our long-time frequent visitors provided this information:

Yeah, I used it for awhile and ended up dropping it. Independent of the outdated-data issue, they also have such a strict opinion of what is "harmful" content that they actually make their rating meaningless. Virtually *any* freeware site will be tagged red, if it contains any kind of "grey market" software; the one category that I'm aware of is password-revealing programs. These tools (as long as they don't install themselves in hidden ways) are perfectly valid tools that are quite useful if one forgets a password in some long-used program, but the very presence of such tools will cause Site Advisor to mark the site red. So I just gave up on it. I'll trust my anti-virus software to protect me.

Do you really trust those services?!?!