Award logos
Mouse over or click on many of those images & there's NO link to the site that gave the rating/award! Go to the sites & search for the author &/or program. Guess what... there's NO listing for them or the program!

The real prize though goes to the text link "This is a safe download: Checked by McAfee SiteAdvisor"  it actually works so follow it & see what McAfee has to say. It will tell you....
"This link isn't rated.
Either we don't have enough information, or we haven't tested it yet. Proceed with caution."

"This link is suspicious. We tested it and found potential security risks. Be careful." 

Guess they didn't think anyone would follow the link & they certainly didn't follow it themselves = dumb!! I wouldn't list the program if you paid me!! Occasionally I will try to find more information so I do a WhoIs domain search. This, of course, is usually a waste of time since these idiots use services like GoDaddy's Domain by Proxy or's WhoIs Guard, that completely hides all registrant information = dumber!!

So, if you find yourself on a download page with graphics that don't link to the sites they supposedly come from... be VERY careful!