The server crash & subsequent loss of all of our server programming was a devastating blow from which we never recovered completely. Today, new server programming is essential - together with enthusiasm for current FREEware & an ability to find it & present it.

I'm afraid, unless some young enthusiast of FREEware comes to us, the answer will be to bow out. All 3 current contributors have health issues & none of us are young anymore. 

I would like to pay tribute & say a big thank you to:

EUGENE VASSILTSOV: FreewareHome's original owner, programmer, presenter of new items & inspiration to all who worked with him.

BRIAN HUGHES: Original program reviewer, forum monitor/editor & general help. 

  • R.I.P. Brian 9th.February 2018

GARRETT HYLLTUN: All round help, especially in the 90s with Kids Freeware, & again with FreewareHome after the 2014 crash. Without him FH would have died in 2014.

STEVEN BURN: The generous guy in England who hosts FreewareHome for a laughable fee & maintains the server with a high degree of safety & security.

DEE HUGHES: aka me. It is with great reluctance I close FreewareHome's doors but I simply cannot carry on. I will continue to keep the domain name, if only to ensure that it does not get taken over & redirected to a malware or porn site!

Thank you all, our faithful visitors, without you we could not have done any of this. Anyone interested in FreewareHome should contact me: Dee Hughes <>